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5835 W. Sunset Avenue
Springdale, Arkansas 72762



Board of Directors

2024 Hope Cancer Resources and Hope Cancer Resources Foundation Board of Directors

Brian Holt, President and CEO
Bryan McDuffie, Chairman
Stephen Dacus, Vice Chairman
Sterling Hamilton, Treasurer
Ryan McGuire, Secretary

David Baskin
Lucas Campbell, MD
Jade Coats, OD
James Counce, MD
Melissa Fleeman
Danna Grear, MD
Hydie Hale
Murray T. Harris, MD
Anne Joly
Jayson Krisell
Blake Lockwood, MD
Morgan Ludwick, RN
Stacy Matlock
Mandy Macke
Chris Menendez, MD
Patty Nuovo, CFP
Kevin Pope, MD
Rahul Ray
Chris Roehl
Randy Torres
Carrie Wilson
J. Thad Beck, MD, Director Emeritus
Dick Trammel, Director Emeritus